Madonna [マドンナ]Vol.2

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[音楽][Madonna [マドンナ]Vol.2]
本名:Madonna Ciccone Ritchie(マドンナ・チッコーネ・ルイーズ)
1958年8月16日生まれ 出身:アメリカ
1 Deeper And Deeper (7" Edit)
2 Erotica (Radio Edit Version)
3 Human Nature (Radio Version)
4 Secret (Edit Version)
5 Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Radio Edit Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna
6 Bedtime Story (Edit Version)
7 The Power Of Good-Bye (Album Version)
8 Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit Version)
9 Frozen (Edit Version)
10 Take A Bow (Edit Version)
11 Ray Of Light (Radio Edit Version)
12 Don't Tell Me (Album Version)
13 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Album Version-GHV2)
14 Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Album Version)
15 Music (Album Version)
1 Requiem For Evita (Edit) 11 Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack Evita Soundtrack-Madonna
2 Oh What A Circus (Album Version) 12 High Flying, Adored (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Antonio Banderas & Madonna Evita Soundtrack-Antonio Banderas & Madonna
3 On This Night Of A Thousand Stars (Album Version) 13 Rainbow High (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Jimmy Nail Evita Soundtrack-Madonna
4 Eva And Magaldi/Eva Beware Of The City (Album Version) 14 And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna, Jimmy Nail, Antonio Banderas & Julian Littman Evita Soundtrack-Antonio Banderas
5 Buenos Aires (Album Version) 15 She Is A Diamond (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna Evita Soundtrack-Jonathan Pryce
6 Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Album Version) 16 Waltz For Eva And Che (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna Evita Soundtrack-Madonna & Antonio Banderas
7 Goodnight And Thank You (Album Version) 17 You Must Love Me (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna & Antonio Banderas Evita Soundtrack-Madonna
8 I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (Album Version) 18 Eva's Final Broadcast (Int'l Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna & Jonathan Pryce Evita Soundtrack-Madonna
9 Peron's Latest Flame (Album Version) 19 Lament (Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Antonio Banderas & Madonna Evita Soundtrack-Madonna & Antonio Banderas
10 A New Argentina (Int'l Album Version)
Evita Soundtrack-Madonna, Jonathan Pryce & Antonio Banderas
1 American Life (Clean Album Version)
2 Hollywood (Album Version)
3 I'm So Stupid (Album Version)
4 Love Profusion (Album Version)
5 Nobody Knows Me (Album Version)
6 Nothing Fails (Album Version)
7 Intervention (Album Version)
8 X-Static Process (Album Version)
9 Mother And Father (Album Version)
10 Die Another Day (Album Version)
11 Easy Ride (Album Version)
1 Survival (Album Version)
2 Secret (Album Version)
3 I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Album Version)
4 Don't Stop (Album Version)
5 Inside Of Me (Album Version)
6 Human Nature (Album Version)
7 Forbidden Love (Album Version)
8 Love Tried To Welcome Me (Album Version)
9 Sanctuary (Album Version)
10 Bedtime Story (Album Version)
11 Take A Bow (Album Version)
1 Papa Don't Preach (Album Version)
2 Open Your Heart (Album Version)
3 White Heat (Album Version)
4 Live To Tell (Album Version)
5 Where's The Party (Album Version)
6 True Blue (Album Version)
7 La Isla Bonita (Album Version)
8 Jimmy Jimmy (Album Version)
9 Love Makes The World Go Round (Album Version)
Hot Dance Music/Club Play 1位獲得

01.Holiday/Lucky Star(1983)
02.Like A Virgin ライク・ア・ヴァージン(1984)
03.Material Girl(1985)
04.Angel/Into The Groove(1985)
05.Open Your Heart(1986)
06.Causing A Commotion(1987)
07.You Can Dance(LP Cuts)(1987)
08.Like A Prayer ライク・ア・プレイヤー(1989)
09.Express Yourself エクスプレス・ユアセルフ(1989)
10.Keep It Together キープ・イット・トゥゲザー(1990)
11.vogue ヴォーグ (曲)(1990)
12.Justify My Love(1990)
14.Deeper And Deeper(1992)
17.Bedtime Story(1995)
18.Don't Cry For Me Argentina(1997)
20.Ray Of Light(1998)
21.Nothing Really Matters(1999)
22.Beatiful Stranger(1999)
23.American Pie(2000)
25.Don't Tell Me(2000)
26.What It Feels Like For A Girl(2001)
27.Impressive Instant(2001)
28.Die Another Day(2002)
29.American Life アメリカン・ライフ(2003)
31.Me Against The Music(2003)
32.Nothing Fails(2003)
33.Love Profusion(2004)
34.Hung Up ハング・アップ(2005)
35.Sorry ソーリー(2006)
36.Get Together ゲット・トゥゲザー(2006)
37.Jump ジャンプ (マドンナ)(2006)
38.4 Minutes (2008)
39.Give It 2 Me (2008)
Madonna-Hard Candy - Greg Theakston
Hard Candy - Greg Theakston
Madonna-The Immaculate Collection
The Immaculate Collection
Madonna-Ghv2 - Remixed The Best
Ghv2 - Remixed The Best
Madonna-American Life Usa
American Life Usa
Madonna-The Early Years
The Early Years
Madonna-Live USA
Live USA
Madonna-The Girlie Show Japan
The Girlie Show Japan
Madonna-Hard Candy
Hard Candy
Madonna-True Blue
True Blue
Madonna-You Can Dance
You Can Dance
Madonna-Whos That Girl Mixed Up [2006]
Whos That Girl Mixed Up [2006]
Madonna-In The Beginning
In The Beginning
Madonna-Total Satisfaction
Total Satisfaction
Madonna-Ray Of Light
Ray Of Light
Madonna-Whos That Girl
Whos That Girl
Madonna-American Pie Best Songs
American Pie Best Songs
Madonna-Dont Cry For Me Argentina
Dont Cry For Me Argentina
Madonna-Like A Prayer
Like A Prayer
Madonna-Dont Tell Me
Dont Tell Me
Madonna-The Other Side Vol 3 Cd3
The Other Side Vol 3 Cd3
Madonna-Best Ballads [1997]
Best Ballads [1997]
Madonna-Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Madonna-Like A Virgin Remasters
Like A Virgin Remasters
Madonna-Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005)
Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005)
Madonna-The Girlie Show
The Girlie Show
Madonna-Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Madonna-Blond Ambition 90
Blond Ambition 90
Madonna-Out Of The Groove
Out Of The Groove
Madonna-Remixed And Revisited
Remixed And Revisited
Madonna-Love Profusion
Love Profusion
Madonna-Live In Brixton
Live In Brixton
Madonna-Something To Remember
Something To Remember
Madonna-Something To Remember
Something To Remember
Madonna-Dance Collection [1997]
Dance Collection [1997]
Madonna-I'm Breathless
I'm Breathless
Madonna-All Access
All Access
Madonna-Die Another Day
Die Another Day
Madonna-Greatest Hits Vol. 2
Greatest Hits Vol. 2
Madonna-Music (Tour Edition)
Music (Tour Edition)
Madonna-True Blue
True Blue
Madonna-Pussy Talking
Pussy Talking
Madonna-True Blue - Remastered
True Blue - Remastered
Madonna-Best Of Madonna - 2CD (2007)
Best Of Madonna - 2CD (2007)
Madonna-The First Album
The First Album
Madonna-Like A Virgin
Like A Virgin
Madonna-Confessions On A Dance Floor
Confessions On A Dance Floor
Madonna-Chill Out
Chill Out
Madonna-Play With Me (live at Wembley)
Play With Me (live at Wembley)
Madonna-The Erotic Mixes
The Erotic Mixes
Madonna-The Power Of Goodbye
The Power Of Goodbye
Madonna-Confessions Remixed 2006
Confessions Remixed 2006
Madonna-Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Madonna-The B Side Collection
The B Side Collection
Madonna-Like A Virgin
Like A Virgin
Madonna-First Album
First Album
Madonna-Play With Me - Live USA 1993
Play With Me - Live USA 1993
Madonna-Reinvention Tour - Studio versions
Reinvention Tour - Studio versions

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